Concrete Hermit

Redeveloping their Magento e-commerce site with us not only gave a fresh new look for the design focussed brand, but with a new hosting solution we were able to reduce their monthly costs by over 80% and provide performance improvements

Founded in 2004 Concrete Hermit have existed somewhere between a gallery, shop, publisher, t-shirt label across a variety of projects and in various guises. When they slimmed down their e-commerce catalog they approached us to give them a minimal front end design with powerful shopping cart features that work across desktop, tablet and moblie devices.

E-commerce solutions can be resource intensive which can lead to them being slow and expensive. We set up resource and traffic monitoring and spent some time tuning our development environment to exactly match the hosting on the server so that we could offer speed enhancements while keeping the resource overhead and costs to a minimum. This means we can quickly and confidently develop and deploy new features and enhancements for the site.