Rightsinfo is an innovative project conceived by leading UK Human Rights barrister and blogger Adam Wagner. The site mission is to communicate information around Human Rights in a plain speaking, fun, engaging and sharable manner.

We created a visual design for Rightsinfo that compliments infographics commissioned from Information is Beautiful Studio, working with them and the client to ensure that content throughout the site can be easily shared across social networks. A fully customised Wordpress install makes it easy for the Rightsinfo team to administer the site content including the information in the infographics.

Reaction to the site has been incredible attracting over 130,000 users in the first 6 weeks with tens of thousands of shares for the sites stories and infographics. Our setup on a scalable server has meant that the site has been able to handle the traffic as it has continued to build.

In the next phases of the project we will be working with Rightsinfo to analyse and monitor the site and its content to maximise the audience.